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An up and coming crypto project which allows you to claim tokens each day by answering a simple question

by Percy Bolmér, February 2, 2022

A snapshot from my account after a week
A snapshot from my account after a week

I have been digging myself deep into the world of blockchain. I was fiddling with blockchain about 5–6 years ago. The advancements that have been made are insane.

No longer is blockchain technology simply a waste of electricity. There are now games, marketplaces, art in the form of NFTs.

Not only is the blockchain fun and exciting, but it is also an amazing passive income tool. There are many projects out there helping people fill their pockets.

Always Do-Your-Own-Research, there are also many people trying to empty pockets.

I recently wrote about How To Build a Passive Income with PancakeSwap.

Two weeks ago I found another great project,

With an awesome name to the project, the domain alone cost them 12 million USD, the project looks like a real keeper. The developers are invested (they did buy that domain after all) and are well known.

Stefan Rüst the CEO of is part of the team. This is great because since he is a public person, and also open about being part of the projects, the risks of a scam feel lower.

The project has already released Play 2 Earn games where we can play games and make extra money. The project has Staking and auto compounding with a utility called Auto-Earn, and has much more to come in their roadmaps. You can read about all the things in their Services section. In short, they will offer discounts for real-life products to holders of Hi dollars.

What’s cool about the project is that it is one of few crypto projects where you don’t have to invest anything to start earning. That’s right, it is free to get started.

How to get started earning

The way you start earning money is, each day you open their app either on mobile or the web, and answer a single question.

You can register on the app found at Appstore, Google store, and as a Web app. Read more at The project is still in Beta and to start using it you need a referral. Unsurprisingly I have a referral ID that you can use ( programmingpercy ).

Each answer will give you a Hi dollar. It is currently worth 0.21$ (during a crypto crash, it was once 1,5$). Remember, the gain comes when the cryptocurrency surges in price. I currently hold 20 Hi dollars, worth about 5 USD, but when they return to 1$, I will have a nice earning.

The Hi dollars you earn are placed as reward tokens, and they will be locked for a year. So remember, you can only start claiming your tokens after a year. But that is no problem, you will want the token to rise in value before selling them anyways.

Each referral that you recruit later will give you 0.5 Hi dollars each time they answer the question. And their recruits will also yield you Hi dollars, recursively. That makes it possible to start earning much more than 1 Hi Dollar per day.

It might sound like a pyramid scheme, but the project has a nice plan forward and an idea. And since it is free to get started, why not give it a go?

I don’t want to sit there in 2 years thinking,

Oh, I missed that train, again

If you are interested in starting to earn a few extra passive dollars, feel free to use my referral ID, programmingpercy

After installing the app, or while signing up on the web page, you will be asked to provide the referral ID. You will need a referral to register while the project is in beta.

Before you can use the app you will need to verify with a KYC, so once you register you need to provide a driver’s license. This is to secure that you are a real person.

I have missed too many crypto trains because I am very skeptical as a person, but since this time there is nothing to lose. I might as well give it a go.

I hope to see you in the Hi world!

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