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An introduction to Programming Percy and the start of his blogging about technology and code

by Percy Bolmér, August 22, 2021

By [Vladislav Klein] on Unsplash
By [Vladislav Klein] on Unsplash

First off I’d like to welcome you, you have found your way to my medium profile introduction.

I’m a graduate with a degree in Computer Forensics, the art of solving crime by using technology and extracting evidence from digital forms.

I never worked with pure forensics though, I began my career as a software developer instead. I worked for 5 years in the Swedish Intelligence Service as a developer.

However, I had to quit my job and start a new journey, a journey in the private sector instead. Which has been a blast, and I’m currently working in a Kick-Ass Local company that delivers damn good tech solutions.

During my years as a software developer, I have developed an unhealthy relationship with the programming language Golang. I do enjoy writing code with Go a bit too much.

In my articles, you will mostly find Go-related topics, but I sometimes flirt with regular technology stuff and other writing.

I began writing since I found little or no good tutorials on how to use gRPC and Protobuf in a web application client. So I decided to collect and write about it, which ended up becoming a pretty long three-step tutorial, the first part is Using GRPC with TLS, Golang, and React (No Envoy).

Since then I’ve published many articles, around 20 at the time of writing this, and started Programming Percy, a publication for storing my writing.

I kept writing articles about programming since I noticed how much I learned while doing so, I had to keep a lot diver into the inner workings than I ever had to before. Someone once told me that

Teaching others is a great way to learn

I just never understood what he meant until I started writing. Not only did I start learning things I thought I already knew, but I also found myself enjoying creating things.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my writing, and if you do, remember to support me by buying coffee

If you enjoyed my writing, please support future articles by buying me an Coffee

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