Happy New Generic Year!

A new year is here, new technologies, and new opportunities

by Percy Bolmér, January 1, 2022

Medium stats for Percy Bolmérs account
Medium stats for Percy Bolmérs account

What a year it has been. Aside from Covid being on the rise again and being devastating to many in the physical realm, the virtual realm has been amazing.

And what a year it will be, I am sure a lot of good stuff will happen. Such as, Go finally getting Generics in February!

When I started to write on Medium I did not expect anyone to read what I was writing. And to be honest, almost nobody did in the beginning either.

I began writing a year ago on Medium because I wanted to try using gRPC from a frontend application and found there to be a lack of content online on how to do so. All guides out there required the use of a reverse proxy like Envoy, Treafik, or others. I found a solution and decided to write about it, from there it has been a blast.

Writing about programming, technology and sometimes other unrelated stuff has made me improve as a person. I learn so much from it, I enjoy it, and I get relaxed by it.

Now, a year later, it’s pretty fun to look back at all that has happened and use that experience to set new milestones. I like to create measurable goals each year so that I have something to work for.

So a recap of 2021 in the short

  • Began writing on Medium
  • Created my website @
  • Reached 400 followers on Medium
  • Had one viral article (and only)
  • Published 34 articles
  • Reached 175k views On Medium
  • Reached 15k views on

The viral article I had was about 7 VS Code tricks that I found useful that were learned during the year, never thought it would reach so many people. Today it has reached 30k views and 10k reads.

A handpicked set of amazing features in VS Code
7 VS Code Tricks Every Developer Needs To Know

August 22, 2021

A handpicked set of amazing features in VS Code

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What I aim for in 2022

This year, I will be striving to learn more about AWS, cloud architecture overall and keep writing and trying to become a better author.

I also want to start moving into the Blockchain world more, I think there is a lot of great ideas out there and I want to deepen my knowledge of it. Building more Dapps, or even maybe an NFT based game?

By the end of 2022, I hope that I have reached the following goals.

  • 1000 followers on Medium (590 to go)
  • Finished at least one writer’s course
  • Published 100 articles (Yes, that is a major increase from now)
  • Found 10 mindblowing use cases for the new Generics in Go
  • Reach 525k views on Medium (That is 350k new views and would be twice as much from 2021)
  • Reach 50k views on

I do hope I can succeed in these goals, and I will have to work hard to achieve them. I can’t wait until 2022s ends to see if I managed to fulfill my goals.

Setting goals is a great way to improve yourself, everyone should do it, and anyone can do it.

What are your goals for 2022?

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